Notice – July 2021

Dear Members

As you are aware from previous communications, our KUSA affiliation was successful, and we now have representation at the KUSA Field Trial Liaison Counsel (FTLC). This means that we can finally plan and coordinate KUSA events – we are very excited and thankful for your continued support.

To position our club and presence and affirm our identity, we will be making changes to improve communications.


SAVHDA remains a strong backbone and foundation to the Highveld Versatile Hunting Dog Club’s history. We will keep SAVHDA on as an Alliance body where Versatile Testing organizations can stay in touch and share resources but cease to exist as an association where members join directly, as voted on at the 2020 SAVHDA AGM.

We are busy updating our database and communication distribution lists to ensure upcountry SAVHDA memberships are moved into the Highveld club records. You can expect to see increased communication s from the Highveld Club Secretary and a reduction in SAVHDA communications in future.

SAVHDA will not renew direct membership subs in future, and the respective clubs will deal with direct memberships instead. As a club member, you will still have access to SAVHDA resources through the club affiliation.

Website & Social Media

To reduce expenditure and maintain the relationships mentioned above, we have agreed with the Versatile Pointing Dog Club in the Western Cape to co-host the SAVHDA website, and SAVHDA will continue to serve this purpose both new clubs.

Area-specific communications will fall under the control of the representing clubs in the area.


While we are engaged in setting up our communications channels, we do not want to fall out of touch with our members. Should you have any comments or queries, please feel free to contact us by e-mail via

With kind regards

Dicky Meij


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