Notice – September 2021

Dear Members,

Spring has arrived in the Highveld, and as is life, our hunting season is coming to an end. Speaking to various members, some had a superb wing shooting season due to good rains the last couple of seasons; other members were fortunate enough to go big game hunting. Some were able to be hunting higher up in Africa this year. I personally am grateful for the privilege of being able to spend time with our dogs outdoors in this hunting paradise we call home.

As with the weather seasons that come and go, Highveld Versatile Hunting Dog Club is also moving into a new season. We as a committee received the resignation from Mr Oscar Neumeyer as Vice-Chair; Mr Dicky Meij requested to step down as Chairperson but is still willing to serve on the committee. Both members did so due to external work pressures and are still committed to the club but just in a lesser role. We want to thank them for their service to the club.

The new official structure of the club is as follows.

Chairperson: Hannes Oberholzer (newly elected)

Vice-Chairperson: Dicky Meij (stepped down from Chair to Vice)

Secretary: Petro Byleveld (unchanged)

Treasurer: Francois van der Walt (unchanged)

Committee member: Bobby Lotter (Newly elected)

Our primary objectives for the following six months and twelve months are fairly simple in design, but in simplicity lies the complexity.

First Objective: To present a monthly training session to our members for the next six months focussing on specific challenges/themes for the general gundog owner. These sessions will be open to all members, and we will be using experienced trainers who specialize in a specific field to assist us on specific topics.

Second Objective: To host a successful, versatile gundog test weekend in September 2022 under the auspice of the Kennel Union of South Africa

Third Objective: To identify a team of handlers and dogs that can be tested successfully in the September Tests. To this end, we would like to create a training culture and group in the next six months that can push onwards towards the tests in September. As a club, we would like to assist in any and all ways possible, i.e. training sessions, venues, sharing of resources, birds/game and experienced trainers where possible.

We as a committee needs the members to drive this as the club is owned by the members. The reality is that a dog club’s success lies in the enjoyment and success of its members and their dogs in whatever field they wish to enter, and we as a committee are 100% committed to this cause.

Please feel free to contact me directly on either email at or on 079 897 6968 if any member would like to discuss our way forward.

Proudly Highveld

Hannes Oberholzer

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